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About Us

Get Fit With Us!

Whatever you're looking for in a woman's health and fitness regimen, you'll find it here.

Our gym combines a full range of fitness and exercise equipment tailored to women. We offer professional trainers, circuit training, and group fitness classes. With one flat rate, you can access as many, or as few, of the organized programs as you choose while still having use of our extensive equipment.

Our club also provides a friendly, motivating and energizing environment for your physical activities. Your fellow members and our trained professionals are both on hand to guide and support you. If a class atmosphere works for you, we offer a variety of regularly scheduled fitness and exercise programs. And if childcare is an obstacle, we have CPR certified childcare personnel 6 days a week!

We also provide the solution to a common stumbling block to regular exercise: The Weather! Here you can exercise whenever you choose without regard to outside temperature and humidity. Our club is a safe place to exercise and has an accredited emergency response plan including employees trained in CPR and first aid.

Why Exercise?

Regular exercise improves your health in a number of ways. Studies show that regular physical activity reduces the risk of developing such things as high blood pressure and diabetes and can help reduce your risk of heart disease. Not only does regular exercise help control weight, it also helps build and maintain healthy bones, joints and muscles as well as promote psychological well-being.



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