D's Fitness Group Class Schedule

Class Cancelations and changes will be posted Here.

All classes are 50 Minutes unless otherwise noted.

This schedule is subject to changes and cancellations. 




 20/20/20: A class that is part Cardio, Strength and Core. Fantastic for all fitness levels!

Pilates: Build long, lean muscles and flexible joints. Pilates works through the body’s ‘core’ or ‘center’ to increase endurance and flexibility. A non-impact technique of stretching and strengthening the deep abdominal muscles that ensure trunk and posture stability.

Gentle Fitness 1 and 2: A non-impact but cardio-stimulating workout set to classic tunes. This class is especially good for seniors, those new to exercise, and those recovering from surgery or in physical therapy.

Not-So Gentle Fitness: A low-impact but cardio-stimulating workout to help gain cardiovascular strength, and improve endurance without stressing the joints, occasionally utilizing steps and other exercise equipment.

Power Sculpt: A fun and energetic full-body workout, using all the elements of Body Sculpting with a little added ‘kick’!

Yoga: Reduce stress while improving your strength and flexibility.

Zumba: Interval training sessions where fast and slow rhythms, and resistance training are combined to tone and sculpt your body while burning fat. Add some Latin flavor and international zest into the mix and you’ve got Zumba®!

Cardio Kickboxing: This is a fun & challenging class!  Learn self-defense while toning & tightening your body with fast-paced workouts. Grow self-confidence. We also integrate some weight training into this class as well.

Fab-Fitness: is a fun circuit-style class that is set up to great music, using aerobic movement, hand-held weights, and floor work. This class gives you a total body workout in. Easy to learn movements set in a fun non -intimidating environment. Come enjoy the fun!

Yoga Flow: Refers to a dynamic sequence of yoga poses that flow one into the next, involving conscious coordination of breath with movement. This class incorporates Sun Salutations and static yoga poses as Strength building, balance, flexibility, and agility. Class begins with a centering meditation and ends in a supine resting pose encouraging students to add rest to their fitness regimes. Ideal for all levels as students are given modifications and are encouraged to listen to their bodies and do what feels right in the moment. 

 Cardio and Strength: A mixture of cardio and strength, a full body workout. Modifications and Progressions given so a great class for all levels of fitness!

Athletic Ignite: Come and ignite your inner athlete, work hard using your own body weight, weights, and high intensity interval training (HIIT) for a fun and sweaty workout!  This workout is no joke!

Core, Cardio & Conditioning: Love your abs. Lighten up your fitness. This total-body conditioning class brings together cardio, core, and strength training.

Pilates Fusion:combines basic mat Pilates with body sculpting and basic functional movements for a low impact and a high/low intensity workout adjustable to all fitness levels. The class will help enhance body tone, core strength, and flexibility.