Personal Training is all about you.  You are an individual!
Your body shape, physical restrictions and personal history all play a significant role in your overall ability to perform at your optimal level.
To create an efficient and effective machine we must constantly change our approach to exercise.  Endurance, flexibility, reaction time, strength, balance and power must all be addressed if we want to consider ourselves not just functional, but optimal.  “The body is specifically designed to work as a connected chain and thus should be trained accordingly” (National Academy of Sports Medicine).
Even seasoned club members sometimes overlook the importance of training in all phases.  You may desire to improve your golf swing or batting average. You may want to look your best at your wedding next month.  You may simply want to know how to move better and feel better.
A Personal Trainer:
Works to empower and educate you.
Motivates you to stay consistent and accountable.
Works within your ability range to achieve your goals.
Corrects your muscular imbalances and posture.
Can be your personal connection to the club.


At D’s Fitness Designed 4 Women we believe in overall health and fitness, which is why we only hire the most educated and experienced trainers in the fitness industry.

We offer one on one training as well as small group training.
Please give us a call for more information (510) 583-9700.